Bring your special event to the next level with us!

We cater to the following events:

Baby Showers and Birthdays

Buffet & International Buffets

Executive Lunch Meals (Bento)

Festive Holiday Celebrations

Product & Road Show Launches

Wedding & Solemnization Receptions

Our Standard Buffet Menu starts from $6/pax, Tea from $3/pax.
Give us a call if you have to cater to big groups or have other queries so that our consultants can meet your needs.

You can count on us!

Preparing delicious mini buffets, last-minute options and huge packages for daylong events with thousands of guests are just a few things we do best.

Excellent Services

We understands the fundamentals of food. Leave the planning, preparation & delectable to us. Let’s make wowing your guests easy.

Highest Standards

Marvelous food is simply all we offer. Each meal we prepare is a guaranteed delectable experience tailored to every guest.

Premier Cuisines

We work hard to provide quality meals at affordable prices. Whether it be for a school lunch or an executive dinner, we’re ready to help.

Professional Team

Exceptional planning & food preparation ensures customer orders are promptly delivered with highest standard every time.

Equipment and Rental Services

We provide rental of the following items for your convenience at reasonable prices

 Melamine (Plates, Forks & Spoons)$ 2.00$ 2.14 w/ GST
 Melamine Cup (Clear)$ 0.60$ 0.64 w/ GST
 Melamine Dessert Plate/Bowl with Spoon or Fork$ 1.00$ 1.07 w/ GST
 Melamine Chinese Tea Cup$ 0.50$ 0.53 w/ GST


 Chinaware (Porcelain Plates, Forks & Spoons)$ 3.50$ 3.70 w/ GST
 Clear Glass for Cold Drink$ 1.20$ 1.28 w/ GST
 Dessert Plate/ China Bowl with Spoon or Fork$ 1.50$ 1.60 w/ GST
 Tall Glass$ 1.20$ 1.28 w/ GST
 Coffee Cup & Saucer with spoon$ 1.20$ 1.28 w/ GST
 Napkin$ 2.00$ 2.14 w/ GST
 Extra Food Warmers (Restricted to Halal Food only)$ 20.00$ 21.40 w/ GST

 Square Table with White Plastic Cover (3ft x 3ft)

$ 8.00

$ 8.56 w/ GST

 Square Table with White Table Cloth (3ft x 3ft)

$ 10.00

$ 10.70 w/ GST

 Square Table with Table Skirting  (2 Tables – 3ft x 6ft)

$ 38.00

$ 40.66 w/ GST

 Tall Cocktail Table with Skirting (2½ ft) *

$ 40.00

$ 42.80 w/ GST

 Round Table with Table Cloth (4ft)


$ 32.10 w/ GST

 Round Table with Table Cloth (5ft)

$ 40.00

$ 42.80 w/ GST

 Round Table with Table Cloth (6ft)

$ 50.00

$ 53.50 w/ GST

 ROM Table with 5 Tiffany Chairs & Fresh Flowers (3ft by 6ft)

$ 170.00

$ 181.90 w/ GST

 ROM Table with 5 Tiffany Chairs & Without Fresh Flowers (3ft by 6ft)

$ 120.00

$ 128.40 w/ GST

 PVC Stools (without backrest)

$ 1.00

$ 1.07 w/ GST

 PVC Chairs (with backrest)

$ 1.80

$ 1.93 w/ GST

 PVC Chair with Seat Cover *

$ 5.00

$ 5.35 w/ GST

 Tiffany Chairs with Cushion less 50pcs

$ 5.80

$ 6.20 w/ GST

 Tiffany Chairs with Cushion Above 50pcs

$ 4.80

$ 5.13 w/ GST

 Ribbon Bow for Tiffany Chairs (Subject to colour Availability)

$ 3.00

$ 3.21 w/ GST


  •  Transport Charge varies, start from $30 to $150 * Please ask our consultants
  • Any Setup/Dismantling before 11am and/or 5pm will incur additional surcharge $250
  • All rental equipment are subject to availability, orders must be received at least 2 weeks before


 Rental of bbQ Pit (1½ft dia) Good for 100pax

$ 80.00

$ 85.60 w/ GST

 BBQ Accessories (Charcoal, Fire Starter, Wire Mesh etc) for 30pax (1 Set)  


$ 32.10 w/ GST



 Uniformed Service Staff (3-4 hours) * Subject to Availability

$ 70.00

$ 74.90 w/ GST

 BBQ Assistance Staff (3-4 hours) * Subject to Availability

$ 90.00

$ 96.30 w/ GST

 BBQ Chef in Uniform (3-4 hours) * Subject to Availability

$ 150.00

$ 160.50 w/ GST

 Butler Service Staff (3 Hours) * Subject to Availability


$ 160.50 w/ GST


Variety of Services

You can never go wrong with Catering Culture when you have the following events that needs Halal catering in Singapore.
Let us help you make your event a memorable one.

We can cater from 1pax to 8,000pax


Mondays to Saturdays
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays
(Call 98579292 After Working Hours)





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