Peranakan : Redefined

Whether you are hosting a birthday, wedding or a corporate event, we are the Singapore caterers that have something for everyone.
Catering Culture’s meals are delicately prepared to seamlessly blend with every event and every attendee’s flavour palette.

Featured Menus

Mini Buffet Sets

In Disposable / Aluminum Trays
Serves 10-12pax

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Executive Bento Sets

$8.80 ($9.50 w/ GST) Min 40 sets
to $19.80 ($21.19 w/ GST) Min 10 sets

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Ultimate Bento Sets

$19.80/pax ($21.38 w/ GST)
For Minimum 12pax (In Craft Box)

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Bento Sets & Mini Buffets

Self Heating Bento Sets

$25/pax ($27.00w/ GST) Min 10pax
(Multiple Delivery Locations Available)

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Daily Bento Meals

$6/pax ($6.48 w/ GST) For Min 30pax
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Menus

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Packed Meals / Bento

Bento Sets and Foam Boxes
$5.00 to $10.00 For Min. 20 sets

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Premium Lacquer Box

$29.80/Set ($32.18 w/GST) Min 10pax
(Courtesy Lacquer Boxes For Keeps)

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Full Day Seminar Bento Sets

Corporate Full Day Seminar Bento
$29.80/pax ($32.18 w/ GST) Min 15pax

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Packet Snacks

Packet Snacks & High Tea Bento Sets
From $5 to $20 for minimum of 15 sets

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Japanese Bento Sets

From $8.80 to $16.80 per pax
For Minimum 20 sets

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Breakfast Bento Sets

$16.80/pax ($18.14 w/ GST)
For Minimum 15pax

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Nasi Lemak Packet Meals

From $5/pax To $6/pax
Min 30sets/delivery (15sets/menu)

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Healthy Bento Sets

From $10.80 ($11.66 w/ GST) Min 30pax
To $20.80 ($22.46 w/ GST) Min 10pax

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Side Orders

Additional Ala Carte Items
For Minimum 12 pax

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Buffets, Live Stations, Seminar Packages

Fusion Asian Buffets

From $10.80 ($11.66 w/ GST) Min 100pax
to $48.80 ($52.70 w/GST) Min 30pax

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International Buffets

From $14.80 ($15.98 w/GST) Min 60pax
to $48.80 ($52.70 w/GST) Min 30pax

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Peranakan Buffets

From $15.80 ($17.06 w/GST) Min 50pax
to $38.80 ($41.90 w/GST) Min 25pax

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Baby Full Month Buffets

From $15.80 ($17.06 w/ GST) min 40pax
to $17.80 ($19.22 w/ GST) min 30pax

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Plant-Based Veg Buffets

$13.80 ($14.90 w/ GST) min 40pax
& $15.80 ($17.06 w/ GST) min 30pax

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Tea Reception Buffets

From $4/pax ($4.32 w/GST) Min 120pax
to $25/pax ($27.00 w/GST) Min 30 pax

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Kid's Menu Buffet

$18.80/pax ($20.30 w/GST) Min 30pax
Complimentary Setup: Zoo or Unicorn

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Deluxe Seminar Package

Full Day & Half Day Packages
$24 to $32 per pax Min 25 pax

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Economical Seminar Package

Full Day & Half Day Packages
$18 to $24 per pax Min 80 pax

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Live Station

Live-Action Stations, Complete
with Live Cooking Set up & Decorations

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BBQ Cum Buffet

$15.80/pax ($17.06 w/GST) Min 50pax
to $30.80 ($33.26 w/ GST) Min 25pax

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Dim Sum Buffet

$23.80/pax ($25.70 w/GST) for min 30pax
13 courses including drink

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Western 4-Course Menu

Full Set of Porcelain Dining Wares
with Stainless steel cutlery & Glassware

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Mondays to Saturdays
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays
(Call 98579292 After Working Hours)







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