Healthy Halal Institutional Catering

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Institutional Catering

who we are

We specialize as a one-stop solution provider for companies with specific needs to nourish their team mates in the global economy.

Our Services Includes:

Corporate Staff Daily Meals

We provide healthy and nutritious meals for corporate staff, ensuring they have access to good food that will keep them happy and productive throughout the week.


Hospitals, Healthcare agencies, Through creativity and passion, we support the healthcare industry by caring for both the caregivers and patients in hospitals. With strict and specialised dietary needs, our care facilities provide customised end-to-end food service solutions to curate special in-patient menus, therapeutic and textured meals.

Education Sector

Childcare, Schools, Institutes of Higher Learning: We are vibrant in this sector, where we support many preschools and student care centers. Our creativity and passion show through the culinary experience that our clients enjoy. Utilising innovative food technology we are enabled to create tasty, nutritious menus with the freshest ingredients available.

Elderly Care Centre

We provide customized catering solutions for elderly care centers, ensuring that the elderly receive nutritious and delicious meals that meet their unique dietary requirements.

Hospitality Industry

Hotels, Service Apartment: We provide Halal Institutional Catering services for the service crews for hotels and service apartments.

Public Sector Catering

We regard government agencies and institutions as our client base where we serve various ministries with large-scale catering services for multiple events and occasions.

what we offer

Healthy Halal Institutional Catering

We work closely with our MNC and Institutional Clients to understand their needs and develop delicious, nutritious meals to customize that promote better health and eating habits. We do this with proper menu forecasting, with variety and careful planning for the well-being of their team.

From large-scale catering to staff teams daily meals we use our expertise, technology, and culinary creativity to support the work of healthcare providers, educational institutions, and government agencies.

A healthy meal begets a healthier workforce and Catering Culture is in line with the current government-wide Healthier Catering and Healthier Drinks policies to encourage healthier consumption and improve the quality of dietary options without compromising the flavour profile of our dishes for our clients.

our team

Our team is composed of passionate experts, consisting of dietitians, food technologists, and Culinary Consultants

what we have

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology to develop new and authentic recipes that meet the unique requirements of our customers.

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