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With full drop table cloths, food warmers, flowers and food labels.

Yes, we have been Halal-certified by MUIS (a government agency overlooking Muslim affairs) since our inception. Upon request we can display our halal certificate at the buffet so that your Muslim guests can rest assured of our certification.

Tables for the buffets, skirting, tablecloths and the food warmers will be provided. Candle wax (to keep the food warm) generally last about 3 hours in indoor conditions (approx 2 hours in windy outdoor conditions).

We will provide a 10% buffer for the number of guest you ordered. However, certain popular items on the menu will run out faster than other items.

Unfortunately no, because of our MUIS certification, we are very careful and wary about our customer’s usage of our equipment concerning non-Halal food.

$20.00 (with GST $21.40) will be levied on any changes made more than 3 times.

As a host, its always better have enough food than to run out if more guests turn up to share in your celebrations. If there is too much leftovers, you can always “ta-pow”.

Mini Buffets

Served in Aluminum Trays or Microwavable  Containers. No Table setup.

For mini Buffets the food will be presented in reusable microwavable white containers. (we do not provide disposable tongs, buffet tables, warmers and extras for a typical buffet.) Delivery is one-way, there is no need to collect any equipment The main reason for the mini Buffets is for small, simple gatherings of friends or colleagues where the food is the missing link in the equation.

You should order 1 day before your event’s date – this is of course subject to availability – you can always call our friendly consultants for advice.

Good question! Feedback from our clients is that in order for them to reheat the food, they had to transfer it to another microwaveable container – adding more work – besides, the aluminum trays were too soft – slipping off fingers – leading to one too many spillage of foods.

You can add the extra number of guests from the 13th guests onwards (e.g. 4 additional guests for Indonesian set @ $12 per guest = $120 (1st 12 guests) + $48 (4 additional guests) + Transport Charge)

$20.00 (with GST $21.40) will be levied on any changes made more than 3 times.

If you need to heat up the food in the microwavable containers, please do not forget to leave it open before you pop it into the microwave – you don’t want it exploding and making a mess in your oven!

Terms & Conditions

Use of Vouchers

  • Vouchers must be used 3 months from the date printed on the back unless otherwise stated.
  • The use of vouchers must be presented at the point of order (online order/quotation).
  • Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions coupon or voucher/s, loyalty program, promo code
    – it has to be used as a standalone promotion.
  • Vouchers can only be used for mini-buffets (up to $30 in vouchers) and buffets (up to $60 in vouchers)
    and not for line items (e.g. extra-extra items, etc).
  • Value of the invoice is based on the sub-total (food-only, no additional like table and chairs) and (pre-tax value)
  • Vouchers are not refundable or exchangeable for cash/other vouchers and any unused balance will not be refunded.
  • Vouchers are not refundable and cannot be replaced if lost, damaged or expired.
  • Vouchers cannot be used during high season periods (e.g. Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc).
  • The company reserves the right to vary/amend the privileges or terms & conditions without prior notice.


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