Celebrate Party with #1 Buffet Catering!

Most of Singaporean, we are familiar with Buffet catering

With wide selection of dishes, buffet catering is still a popular choice for events of all kinds.

At Catering Culture, as one of Halal Singapore Catering Service, we have various catering packages

Why Buffet CATERER is so common: 

Buffet catering is very convenient and give flexibility to the host. Example for Wedding Event, we need wedding Caterer who is able to accommodate all our requirements.  That’s where buffet catering can help you. Guest can make their own selections and not necessarily following set menu.

Buffet Catering can cater to large no of guests, while we, as food caterer do the rest. Everything just leaves it to us. Beside that, buffet Catering is more cost-effective. And Catering Culture cater for all your special occasion, as we are halal certified by MUIS too. 

What are our menus from buffet Catering?  We have many cuisines of Buffet Catering

We have Fusion Asian Buffet, International Buffet, Live Cooking Stations or Hawker Stall Buffet, Seminar Package, Bento Catering, Packet Meal, Institutional catering, Tea Reception, Packet Snacks and many more.


Buffet catering in Singapore specially Halal Caterer is a popular catering option for special occasions. From Corporate Catering, Corporate Meetings, Wedding Catering to birthday party.

Seperately when you order buffet catering – you can enjoy to taste all variety menu when you select International Buffet. 

In Singapore, buffet catering services is very common. Specially those Halal Certified Catering Services, they are more popular in Singapore as they can cater to wider range consumer. Buffet catering also does Vegetarian Buffet. 

Beside buffet catering in Singapore, we do BBQ Buffet, live cooking stations, where chefs prepare food on the spot. We do allow customer to customize their own preferred choice of food. 

Another reason why buffet catering in Singapore is so popular and high demand, is because of we offer wide range of Cuisine, We offer Japanese Bento Set, Korean Catering Cuisine, Malay Cuisine. Other popular dishes for catering services are Laksa, Mee Siam, Nasi Tumpeng, Chciken Rice, Nonya Peranakan Catering and many more. 

Overall, buffet catering in Singapore offers Value and customizable catering option for all special Occasions. 

Selectiong good Buffet catering

Buffet catering is very popular in singapore. From Coorporate Catering to Wedding Catering. 

There are many benefits of buffet catering: 

Guests can customize their own food selection and also buffet catering is a good choice for large groups, and many more.



Buffet catering is very convenient for all events because guests can eat when and how much they like. Most Buffet Catering are Standing event and they are self service, so it’s really save time & money. 

For our catering services, our disposable cutleries all are using Bio-degradable. So, it’s very Sustainable and Environment Friendly food caterer. 

Our buffet catering will always help when you are planning for big events:

  • For Private Functions, with a buffet, our guests can serve themselves whenever they arrive.
  • Mostly for Buffet is Standing Party. So we do not required big space for buffet catering.
  • Beside Buffet – we also cater to vegetarian Guest (Min 1pax) do let us know whether Indian Vegetarian Bento or Chinese Vegetarian Bento.


  1. Flexibility

Buffet catering allows the customer to select anytime they prefer. For Menu, we allow customer to customized, example: Baby Full Month Catering. 

We can customize your requirement for buffet catering to your event’s theme and style:

  • Chinese Vegetarian Buffet and Indian Vegetarian Buffet. Beside Buffet with set up, we also have packet meal and bento.
  • Western Sit-Down Lunch or Dinner with China Silverware & Butler Service Staffs.
  • Chinese Banquet
  • For a formal sit-down event: set up a buffet with white tablecloths, and china silverware for elegance to complement premium dishes.
  • BBQ Catering with Chef to hire and selection of Raw food & Cook Food. 



At buffet catering, we do offer variety of cuisine, such as Singaporean, Korean, Indian, Western, Japanese, and plant-based, Vegetarian many more. Sample of Menus: 

  • Salmon Teriyaki, Prawns Katsu, Tempura Prawn, etc., from Japanese cuisine.
  • Local Cuisine such as Mee Siam, Laksa, Chicken Curry with Potatoes. 
  • Penne Aglio Olio, Baked Chicken Thigh, Cajun Snapper Loin, and many more.
  • Plant Based Buffet such as Fish Nuggets, BBQ Chicken Satay 


Always remember why guest choose buffet catering services is their ability to customise.


Every buffet catering in Singapore offers different menu and different pricing. On average our pricing will be from $10 onwards for basic buffet catering. 

That’s makes buffet catering is always the 1st choice because we offer value for money catering service. 

Very often buffet catering is compared to Hotel Catering. But it’s very clear that Buffet catering is more value for money as we do offer the same services to our customer. 

  • A sit-down service with a plated meal – Western/ Chinese 4 Course Meal. 
  • We also do cocktail Reception as such canepes catering, mojito and many more. 


Catering Services is always the best choice for all occasions, because of its value. 


Our Catering Service also able to accept customer order with dietery restrictions. gluten-free, vegan, Vegetarian. 

Here are some ways a buffet can be changed to meet the needs of people on special diets:

  • Gluten-free options
  • Plant Base/ Vegetarian/Vegan options:
  • Nut-free Allergy 
  • Dairy-free  
  • All our Food is Halal Certified.


Choose a professional catering company that can meet all your requirement 


Buffet catering is a great choice for all occasions due to its flexibility and value for money. 

Wait no more, plan your next buffet catering with us. Catering Culture. 

Contact our Catering Executive and we are here to assist you to make your event memorable one. 

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