The Delights of Peranakan Food

Peranakan food has evolved from a fusion of Chinese ingredients, cooking skills, and indigenous Malay meats and ingredients. Peranakan describes people of mixed Malay, Indonesian, and Chinese ancestry, contrary to beliefs that all Peranakans are of Chinese origin.

Preparing Unique Dishes

Chinese ingredients are mixed with cooking methods and spices from Indonesia and Malaysia. What is most exciting for the person eating Peranakan food is that no two dishes taste the same. This creates excitement in terms of unique dishes for every person. Every chef has an individual interpretation of how the flavors would come together.  

Halal Food in Bento Boxes

Most reputable catering companies in Singapore provide halal-certified food, complying with the requirements of the predominantly Muslim population. This compliance ensures that customers can enjoy unique dishes on occasions such as without any worries. Our sumptuous and Tasty food is often sent in bento boxes to different parts of Singapore. 

Such criteria ensure that all Muslims can safely enjoy well-known specialties and place orders for their family and acquaintances. These caterers follow the MUIS guidelines (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore). All bento boxes are disposable and are designed to provide a variety of food in small packaging.

Catering for All Functions

Expert chefs working with top Singaporean caterers can cater to large groups, frequently serving food to 500 people with a turnaround time of just 2 hours – making their clients heroes from zeros.

Catering for small groups of 8-10 people is also done in compliance with sanitary standards. Despite the present epidemic situation, these caterers have retained a considerable level of appeal in Singapore. Singaporean caterers are bound to be well-versed with regional cuisine. 

Peranakan Dishes

This is one part of the write-up which is challenging to read without feeling hungry. Here are the names and descriptions of a popular Peranakan dishes – Ayam Buah Keluak.

This is a traditional Peranakan dish made with the seeds of the kepayang, a tall tree commonly found in the mangrove swamps of Indonesia and Malaysia. Thee seeds require careful preparation before it can be enjoyed. After preparation the Buah Keluak and chicken are stewed for hours in a tamarind and rempah mixture, which results in a spicy and tangy outcome.

The outcome is just simply divine and heavenly and typically Peranankan