7th Month Catering 2024

2023 is the year of the rabbit. August 16 marks the start of the Lunar 7th Month or Hungry Ghost Festival. Devotees and believers will offer prayers to their dearly departed ancestors offering prayers and food offerings for the 7th Lunar Month.

We offer the Best Catering that for that will be beneficial to the families and their relatives. We also offer Bento Catering during the 7th Month Catering for Hungry Ghost Festival offering season. During this season, our Bento Catering, Mini Buffet Catering, 7th Month Catering are in high demand for our Best Catering and Halal Bento Catering.

Buffet Catering offering the Best Catering is also popular for our clients as after their customary prayers, their colleagues and friends partake in the feast of Buffet Catering, Asian Buffet, or Bento Catering after the ritual have been religiously offered at the altar for the 7th Lunar Month or Hungry Ghost Month Festival.

Our food is prepared Halal Catering and Halal-Certified, therefore even as their bosses are believers, Muslim Food staff and friends can share in the Asian Buffet,Bento Catering, 7th Month Catering or Mini Buffet Catering for 7th Lunar Month or Hungry Ghost Month Festival offering. 

The Hungry Ghost Month Festival ends on August 27, to avoid the rush, order early our Halal Buffet from the Best Catering, Asian Buffet or Mini Buffet Catering for your 7th Month Catering or Hungry Ghost Festival requirements to take the headache out of your preparation and concentrate on your offerings.