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Six Benefits of Bento Boxes

In a globalized world, cultural practices of the East have become popular in the West. One such practice that has gained much popularity all over the globe is Bento lunch boxes. Originating in 12th century Japan, Bentos were home-packed meals that Japanese women made every day for their spouses, children, and themselves. Packed with a variety of items in petite portions, it is a perfectly balanced meal with several benefits, due to which they are also becoming a popular catering model in Singapore. Here are six benefits highlighting why Bento sets might be good for you.


  1. Bentos are Healthy

    This is a meal that is prepared every day. They pack all the nutrients essential for the human body in a day. Bentos traditionally consists of rice, meat, and vegetables. You can also add fruit as dessert, and you will have all food groups necessary to be consumed in a day. Each box contains a balanced meal of proteins, fiber, and carbs, enough to satisfy the taste buds and appetite without losing interest.

  2. Environmentally-Friendly

    Of all the benefits of Bento sets, their environment friendliness takes the top shelf. These boxes come with built-in compartments for different foods, so they don’t have to touch each other, eliminating the need for single-use plastic. Since the portion of food is small yet sufficient, there is also a lot less wastage than a self-serving buffet.

  3. Visually Appealing and Instagram-Worthy

    The way the Bento boxes are packed, they appear very colorful and attractive. It can be considered an art form in itself. The neatly arranged compartments make the person feel that it was made specifically for them. Apart from the packaging, it also makes clean-up easier at the end of any event. Your guests only need to throw the boxes into the recycle bin, or you can collect them at the end of the event.

  4. Variety in a Box

    The individual compartments in the Bento box allow for a wide range of items to be included in it. Bento boxes for events are a great option as they leave the guest delighted with options like seafood, chicken, noodles, rice, vegetables, etc. Caterers also have a variety of menu options that you can just pre-order without worrying about setting the menu.

  5. Bento Sets are Economical

    Bento meals cost much less than an average buffet. With each meal costing less than regular buffets, it provides variety. Its an economical choice as you get a lot more for what you pay. They also make the experience convenient, fun, and healthy.

  6. It encourages Picky Eaters to Eat

    This is especially useful if you have kids around. The visual appeal of the box makes kids want to try all the items, and since the portions are small, they can easily finish them. The change of taste with every item encourages them to eat more and finish their meal without making a fuss.

    If you want to serve healthy and satisfactory Bento sets for your next event, contact us for a wide-ranging menu that can easily fit in your budget. We offer cuisines from all over the world, and they’ll be the perfect fit for your next event.